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Parekhs Hospital Gujarat’s 1st only introducing the revolutionary Robotics-assisted surgical procedure

Why do you or your loved one have knee pain?
Knee pain mostly occurs due to Osteoarthritis, also called degenerative arthritis. Between our joints rests a cartilage which is rubbery. This acts as a cushion for the bone and ensures smooth, gliding joint movement. In Osteoarthritis, the cartilage breaks down, causing pain, swelling, and difficulty in moving the joint. In such case, immediate Knee Replacement is advisable.
What is Knee Replacement?
The procedure for replacing a damaged knee joint with a prosthetic implant is called Knee Replacement. It is specifically designed to replicate the shape, motion, and stability of your natural knee joint. After the procedure, patients report relief and a dramatic decrease in pain with an enhanced ability to perform daily activities. A success rate of the procedure is quite high and it is an exceptionally well-renowned remedy for joint pain. Knee Replacement is advisable before the condition worsens.
What makes Robotics-assisted Surgery (Procedur…
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Here's a Quick Way to Solve a Problem with joint replacement surgeon in Ahmedabad

Joint Replacement Surgeon in Ahmedabad
Joint replacement surgery is a surgical procedure in which part of an arthritic or damaged joint is replaced with a metal, plastic or ceramic device, it is called prosthesis. This prosthesis is designed to duplicate the movement of a normal, healthy joint.  Parekh Hospital provides best and affordable joint care services, by top Joint replacement surgeons with various accessible branches in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Some of the joint replacement services of Parekhs Hospital are the following:-

Total knee replacement Surgeon in Ahmedabad One of the major reasons of knee problem is Osteoarthritis, it affects cushioning cartilage between the joints to wear out, it causes friction. It results in swelling, pain and limited mobility. Knee replacement surgery is advisable to get pain relief. Knee replacement is a surgical procedure in which natural knee joint is replaced with the prosthetic implant which is specially designed for individual case t…